Magnesium ribbon 25g

The highest quality magnesium ribbon, 25g. 

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Energy Stick
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Hands up if you ever ignited magnesium ribbon in high school? Of course you did! The reaction emitted the brightest and coolest white light that you couldn't take your eyes off!

Here we have 25g of the highest quality magnesium ribbon. Just 3 cm of this metal will create an intense white light that will have you hooked on learning about oxidation and exothermic reactions!

Age: 12+

What You Get

25g of highest quality (99.8%) Magnesium ribbon. Approximately 0.5cm width and 0.1mm thick and approximately 14.5m in length.

How's it work?

Burning Magnesium produces a very bright reaction which liberates a substantial amount of heat energy, easily reaching temperatures of a few thousand degrees. Magnesium ribbon can be ignited using a simple butane lighter or Bunsen burner. Once ignited, the ribbon will burn slowly but steadily down the length of the strand, leaving a flaky, white, Magnesium Oxide residue behind.

After ignition has begun, Magnesium ribbon is difficult to extinguish, so make sure it is stored in a cool air tight container, away from moisture or flames.


  • Reactive metals
  • Oxidation

WARNING:: Highly flammable. Keep in dry container. Emits extremely bright light when ignited so wear proper eye protection.

More Information
Length (cm) 11
Width (cm) 2
Height (cm) 14
Age Group 12+ Years
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