UV Colour Change Beads Bulk Pack

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Colour your students' world with amazing beads that detect UV light by changing colour.
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Colour your students' world with these amazing beads! They detect ultraviolet (UV) light by changing colour, from off-white to either: purple, blue, orange, red, or yellow. The stronger the ultraviolet radiation present, the quicker the colour change and the deeper the colour. Once indoors and away from the sun's UV light the beads change back to off-white. Your students will love making their magic UV detection bracelets that'll tell them when to slop on the sunscreen! For exciting demonstrations indoors check out our new ultra-bright UV torch.

Age: 6+

What You Get

1000 beads in a clear plastic bag with instruction sheet. Enough for over 30 beads per student in a class of 30.

How does it work?

These remarkable beads contain a special pigment that reacts with UV light to change the shape of the pigment's molecules and hence their colour. This light induced chemical reaction is called photochromism and is reversible. When the coloured beads are bought indoors and away from the sun's Ultraviolet rays they change back to off white. They can change colour thousands of times.


  • The importance of protecting skin/eyes from the sun and its damaging UV radiation.
  • The reversible chemical reaction between the pigment inside the beads and UV light that changes the shape of the pigment's molecules and their colour.
  • Photochromism: a light-induced reversible change of colour. For example, clear eye glass lenses that transition to dark lenses.
  • Experiment by submerging coloured beads in water of different temperatures (lukewarm, hot and ice cold). How does temperature affect the rate at which the beads (or pigment molecules) revert to being colour-free?
  • Test the effectiveness of your sunglasses by placing some beads behind the sunglass lenses and others in full view of the sun. Do the beads shielded by the sunglasses remain white and protected from harmful UV radiation?
  • Test your sunscreen by rubbing some on the beads and then exposing these beads to sunshine. Do they stay white and protected from Ultraviolet rays or is it time to change brands or throw out old sunscreen that might be out-of-date?


The beads change colour within seconds after being exposed to sun light. They do not react to light from light globes and do not, themselves, give off UV radiation.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

More Information
Length (cm) 18
Width (cm) 4
Height (cm) 14
Age Group 5-6 Years, 7-8 Years, 9-10 Years
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