Tuning Forks - Set of 8

Set of 8 Blue steel tuning forks packed in a sturdy polystyrene box.

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Set of 8 Blue steel tuning forks packed in a sturdy polystyrene box. Includes the following frequencies:
(A) 426.6Hz
(B) 480Hz
(C) 256Hz
(D) 288Hz
(E) 320Hz
(F) 341.3Hz
(G) 384.3Hz

A tuning fork is an acoustic resonator that emits a pure musical note when struck against a hard surface or object. Use them in the classroom to teach sound waves as a vibrational, movement energy.

The vibration in tuning forks is readily apparent. To amplify the sounds caused by the vibrations, strike the fork against a hard surface and gently touch the tines against different surfaces such as metal, wood, even water.

Touching the vibrating tines still against a ping-pong ball hanging freely from a piece of string attached to a table will get the ball moving - demonstrating sound vibrations as movement energy.

Try sticking the tuning fork and placing the base of the fork on a hard surface such as a table and listen for the resultant intriguing sound - the table acting to amplify the sound of the vibrating tines.

More Information
Length (cm) 14
Width (cm) 5
Height (cm) 20
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