Slinky, Super Long Demonstration Spring

Narrow slinky, great for physics demonstrations. Can be stretched to 10m long!
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This extra long, narrow slinky is great for memorable classroom physic's demonstrations.

It measures 180cm long, and can be stretched to an impressive 10 metres in length. Use it to model how light and sound waves travel, by stretching it and moving it in different directions. It's also useful to explore forces and motion.

This demonstration spring has been electroplated to prevent corrosion and improve its longevity. Made from high quality steel to ensure that the original shape is regained after stretching.

Age: 8+

What You Get

1 x super long slinky. Measures 180cm in length, and can be stretched to approximately 10m long! Springs are electroplated to prevent corrosion and improve life. Made from high quality steel.

How does it work

Complex ideas of forces and motion can be taught in the classroom with this slinky toy. Wondering about the science behind the walking slinky? Well why not place it on top of the stairs, or somewhere at height within a classroom. When placed stationary at the top of the stairs it is said to have potential or stored energy but when given a little push it will travel downhill as it is being effected by gravity its potential energy is now being converted to movement, or otherwise known as kinetic energy. As the Slinky tumbles coil by coil down the steps, energy is transferred along its length in a longitudinal wave.

Sound waves are also carried as longitudinal waves and can be demonstrated by two students holding the spring at each end and flicking or tapping the spring. Observe the vibrations travelling to and from each student! Not only is sound carried as waves, but so is light! Light however is carried as transverse waves, and can be easily be shown by this slinky! Produce transverse waves (similar to ocean waves) to demonstrate the distinct difference of a light wave.


  • Light and sound waves
  • Transverse waves
  • Longitudinal waves
  • Standing waves
  • Energy transfer
  • Wave reflections from fixed and moving ends
  • Wave frequency and amplitude

WARNING: If springs are abusedand stretched severely, they can become strained and unable to return to original shape.

More Information
Length (cm) 180
Width (cm) 180
Height (cm) 2
Age Group 7-8 Years, 9-10 Years, 11-12 Years, 12+ Years
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