Thames & Kosmos CHEM C1000 chemistry set

Unleash your inner chemist with this essential science chemistry set. 125 diverse experiments.

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Energy Stick

Energy Stick
Completely safe to touch and handle, simply complete the circuit by touching both electrodes at the end of the stick simultaneously.

Enroll in CHEM C1000 and prepare yourself for a lifetime of fascination with this essential science kit through 125 diverse experiments.

The Thames & Kosmos CHEM C1000 is a vital link between starter chemistry sets and the more advanced variety. It introduces the basics of chemical reactions, how to set up a home laboratory and safety advice, before getting onto the really fun stuff.

Unleash your inner chemist and explore the bonds between atoms, surface tension and the chemical properties of liquids. Find out about the elements that make up water and the chemistry of household products and foodstuffs.

Entertain your friends and family with chemistry "magic" tricks, and then enlighten them with the scientific explanations behind the magic. Identify the elements in different chemical substances with dazzling colours in flame tests.

Discover how you can get electricity from a test tube in electrochemical reactions. Use invisible inks to write a secret message.

There's SO much to investigate in this exciting and well thought-out kit. A great resource for the classroom or home-schooled scientist too!

Age: 10+
What You Get
Thames & Kosmos CHEM C1000. Includes a full-colour 80-page manual giving step by step instructions on a diverse range of experiments that make learning chemical reactions fun, with full safety instructions and detailed explanations of the results of each experiments and their significance.

Experiments Include:
  • Making invisible ink
  • Dissolving metals in electrochemical reactions
  • Discovering the physical properties of liquids, solids and gasses
  • Splitting water into Hydrogen and Oxygen
  • Generating Oxygen from Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Discovering the properties of soaps and detergents
  • Learning about proteins, fats, fatty acids, sugars and starches
  • ... and more!
Kit Contents:
  • Test tubes
  • test tube brush
  • Rubber stoppers
  • Graduated beakers with safety cap and dropper insert
  • Funnel and stirring rods
  • Copper wire and battery clip
  • Dropper pipette
  • Safety goggles
  • Chemicals included: calcium hydroxide, Ammonium (Iron) sulphate, copper (II) sulphate, citric acid, litmus powder, sodium carbonate and potassium hexacyanoferrate(II) and copper wire.
  • Chemistry
  • Indicators
  • Air pressure
  • Surface tension
  • Chromatography
  • Saturated and unsaturated solutions
  • Electrolysis
  • Crystals
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.
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Width (cm) 10
Height (cm) 31
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Age Group 11-12 Years, 12+ Years
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