Viscoelastic Slime Mini Lab

Just add water and mix to make your own fun coloured slime! Comes in jumbo test tube.
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Just add water and mix to make your own glorious coloured slime!

With the Viscoelastic Slime Mini Lab, you get all the fun of slime with none of the messy cleanup. All you have to do is add water and you'll have a batch of cool viscoelastic slime.

Push your fingers very slowly into the slime - they will slide in easily with little resistance.  Try pushing them hard and fast, and feel the greater resistance. 

Slime kits are available in four colours: green, pink, blue and yellow.

Age: 12+

What You Get

1 x Viscoelastic Slime Mini Lab kit. Includes one jumbo test tube full of slime powder, and instructions. Available in green, pink, blue and yellow. Fill a cup with 220ml of water, and mix in all the powder. Stir until the mixture is solid. Store in a zip lock bag. 

How It Works

When you add the water to the polymers in the slime powder, it helps link the polymer molecules together. When enough of the molecules get hooked together, the solution changes into slime!

Viscoelastic Slime is classified as a 'Non-Newtonian' fluid. When a force is applied to them - such as hitting them or attempting to stir them vigorously - they harden and behave like solids. Remove the force, and they begin to flow like liquids. Viscoelasticity is a property of materials that show both viscous (resistance to deformation under stress) and elastic (resistance to distorting stresses and the ability to return to the original shape when stress is removed) properties. Other examples of viscoelastic materials are putty, metals at very high temperatures and bitumen materials.


  • Chemistry
  • Materials
  • Non-Newtonian fluids

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years. Do not swallow or ingest. Wash hands before and after use, then place back in storage container. Avoid contact with fabrics, clothing, furniture, carpet or hair. If contact occurs, ater soluble eucalyptus oil may help to remove it (patch test first).

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Length (cm) 18
Width (cm) 4
Height (cm) 18
Age Group 12+ Years
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