Van De Graaff Generator, 300mm, 240V Variable Speed

Explore static electricity with this 800mm tall hair-raising device. Wow Science!
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Warning: this device is hair raising! Yes, it may be safe to operate on young children, however The Van Der Graaf generator has been known to SUPERCHARGE boring physics classes!

Watch as your friends hair stands up on end. Observe confetti magically repel and create a colourful explosion. Create mini scale lightning. All these engaging demonstrations are possible due to the build up of static charges... and the Van Der Graaf Generator builds up charges like no other!

The variable speed Van Der Graaf Generator is a modern, compact and robust instrument that is specially designed with transparent material to fully expose the rotating rubber belt, for maximum educational and demonstration purposes.

It stands 800 mm tall, with a light weight of 3.4 kg. The large dome (300 mmD) and discharge ball are made from stainless steel with a polished mirror finish, and are easiy removable for cleaning and inspection. The internal rubber belt (55mm) is made from high quality silicon, which ensures excellent sparking and easy cleaning for use again and again.

Static electricity has never been so much fun. What a buzz!

Age: 10+

What You Get

Van Der Graaf generator standing 800mm tall with main dome ball (300mmD). Discharge ball and handle. Long life silicone belt that reaches 400kV. Earth connections for safety. Includes instructions for assembly, safe use and cleaning.

How does it work?

It's very easy to create static electricity - just rub two different materials together! Everyone has experienced static electricity, perhaps going down a slide, jumping on a trampoline or by rubbing a balloon on your head. The Van Der Graaf generator creates static electricity by rotating a rubber (silicone) belt, around a metal rod. When these two materials rub against each other they build up lots of positive charge.

When you place your hand on the metal dome, it stands up. The positive charges that have built up from all that rubbing, and are now flowing through your hand, your arm, neck, head and hair. Your head and each strand of hair become positively charged, because they're all the same charge they REPEL, causing your hair to stand up!


  • Static Electricity
  • Positive and negative charges
  • Like charges repel
  • Lightning

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

More Information
Length (cm) 75
Width (cm) 75
Height (cm) 95
Age Group 12+ Years
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