Hinged Plane Mirrors

Two hinged plane (flat) mirrors with a protractor stand with 15 degrees interval markings.

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Learn about light and reflection and the principles used in kaleidoscopes with this folding plane mirror experiment set. 

Plane (flat) mirrors have a reflective surface that bounces back light within 180 degrees of the mirrors surface. Place an object in front of the mirror and you will see the object plus an image of its reflection.

Place two mirrors at an angle and this increases the number of reflected images. Using the included protractor stand the hinged mirrors can be set up at angles between 15 degrees to 180 degrees. Depending on the angle you choose, you can see a number of unbroken reflections and one or more composite or partial reflections. Discover more about how light travels and angles of incidence and reflection.

What You Get

Two hinged plane (flat) mirrors. A black semicircular protractor stand with 15 degrees interval markings and an electric tealight plus small post and screw to use as reflected images.

More Information
Length (cm) 28
Width (cm) 12
Height (cm) 4
Age Group 12+ Years
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