Tri Colour Demonstrator

An easy way to experiment with colour mixing of light.

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Energy Stick
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A fun way to learn and experiment with colour mixing.

Colour science can be hard to understand because it seems counter-intuitive. White light is actually composed of all the colours in the rainbow, the visible light spectrum. This tricolour experiment kit allows students to mix combinations of red, blue and green light (the primary colours of light) and learn more about the composition of light.

Blue, red and green LED's shine onto a special screen for optimal mixing. Each LED is bright enough to be seen in an ordinary room. Students can mix pairs of colours: red and green to make yellow light, red and blue to make magenta light or blue and green to create cyan light.

Mix all three lights by adjusting the light tubes to shine on the same area of the screen and create white light.

Electrical devices such as televisions, smart phones, tablets and computers use and mix the primary colours to make all the colours of light we can see. When different colours of light are combined this is called additive colour mixing but when paint is mixed together it is called subtractive mixing.

The light tubes are dimmable and can be positioned to place the light beams into 3 separate circles on the screen, 3 overlapping circles showing the colours: red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan and white, or one circle of white light.

A power supply capable of producing 6 volts at 2 amps is required, and not included.

What You Get

Tri Colour Demonstrator. 6v power supply required (not included).

  • 1 x light tubes stand including switches, light intensity dimming knobs and adjustable clamps
  • 3 x light tubes (green, red and blue) with covers
  • 1 x white screen and support
  • 3 x light tube wires
  • 1 x electrical supply wires


  • Optics and colour blending
More Information
Length (cm) 34
Width (cm) 20
Height (cm) 10
Age Group 12+ Years
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