Measuring Cylinder, Plastic, TPX/Clear

Available in a range of sizes with hexagonal base, pour spout and moulded graduations.

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Airzooka - Air Cannon

Airzooka - Air Cannon
The amazing Airzooka will blow you away! Blast a harmless vortex of air up to 6 meters towards any object or person.

You get the best of both worlds with these measuring cylinders: the transparency of glass and the safety of plastic. Made from quality TPX Polymethylpentene (PMP), this unique plastic has superb transparency and clarity qualities, and is also heat and chemical resistant. Great for measuring in the school lab, especially difficult to see transparent liquids. Or perfect for classroom demonstrations and hands-on experiments. These cylinders are available n a range of sizes, and come complete with a hexagonal base, pour spout and moulded graduations.


SKU Capacity Graduations Divisions Diameter Height
MC-TPX10 10ml 1 to 10ml 0.2ml 20mm 135mm
MC-TPX25 25ml 1 to 25ml 1ml 25mm 170mm
MC-TPX50 50ml 1 to 50ml 1ml 30mm 200mm
MC-TPX100 100ml 10 to 100ml 1ml 38mm 255mm
MC-TPX250 250ml 10 to 250ml 2ml 45mm 310mm
MC-TPX500 500ml 5 to 500 5ml 60mm 365mm
MC-TPX1000 1000ml 50 to 1000 10ml 70mm 440mm
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Material Plastic
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