STEM Sink or Float Activity Set

Sink or float?! Includes a submarine and raft along with weights, balls and stars.
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Storm Glass Necklace
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Set sail with real STEM learning! Young learners can dive into early physics in a fun, colorful way with this two-piece submarine and floating raft along with weights, balls, and stars to bring investigations to life.

The STEM Sink or Float Activity Set features 10 detailed Activity Cards (with over 20 engaging, high-impact activities) that cover all aspects of STEM, plus key science concepts of buoyancy, density, and more!

Age: 5-12

What You Get

STEM Sink or Float Activity Set. Activity Guide with reproducible materials. 10 activity cards. Largest piece (submarine) measures 15.2cm in length x 8.8cm in height, which can be broken into 2 pieces.


  • Buoyancy
  • Physics
  • Density
  • Mass
More Information
Length (cm) 35
Width (cm) 26
Height (cm) 7
Age Group 5-6 Years, 7-8 Years, 9-10 Years, 11-12 Years
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