Explore various maps of the night sky with this innovative visual learning tool.
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Airzooka - Air Cannon

Airzooka - Air Cannon
The amazing Airzooka will blow you away! Blast a harmless vortex of air up to 6 meters towards any object or person.

Explore various maps of the night sky with this innovative and compact visual learning tool. Capable of adjusting to the exact hour and date of any day, this crafty viewfinder makes it possible to accurately compare the stars you see in the sky to a built in and detailed constellation map.

Creatively designed with latitude adapter disks and helpful markings to line up the scope in every direction, this scope makes it easy to pin-point an exact star or constellation with impressive precision. Perfect for peering into a map of the sky the moment you were born or looking ahead to future stellar shifts, this convenient mapping tool promotes and awe-inspiring an infinite perspective of the sky.

An enduring and valuable gift idea for any casual stargazer or child with a strong interest in astronomy, this easy to use scope brings an understanding and appreciation of the stars a little closer to Earth.

Age: 10+
What You Get
Stellarscope, Star Theatre Collection by Navir. Features a 18cm long cylinder viewfinder with exact date and time settings to produce an interior map disc of the stars within the night sky. Further equipped with several latitude adjustment rings, northern and southern hemisphere versions, a protective lens cap, and illumination light to easily track stars and map constellations. Covers every day/night of any year. Precision engineered instrument with "retro" styling appeal.

How Does it Work?
Stellarscope provides an automatic, visual map of the sky, within a compact and cylindrical viewing device. To produce a map of the stars, simply rotate the date (left section) and time (middle section) to the moment of interest lined up tieh the white markings meeting. Hold the scope up vertically with the poles aligned correctly (east facing east, west facing west), and focus the eyepiece (move eyepiece in/out) to display a clear and accurate picture of the constellations. Stellarscope makes it possible to quickly view a star map, and compare it to the actual night sky to identify and name stars. The stellarscope parts are easy to disassemble and reassemble to change latitude adapters and hemispheres.
  • Space and Astronomy
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.
More Information
Length (cm) 7
Width (cm) 7
Height (cm) 21
Age Group 9-10 Years, 11-12 Years, 12+ Years
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