The Oobleck Egg Drop!

Try this awesome combination of two classic science activities - Oobleck Slime and the Egg Drop. The result of this experiment might surprise you! 

What you need:

2 cups cornflour

1 cup of water

food colouring (optional)

1 ziplock sandwich bag

1 raw egg

What to do:

Add the water (and food colouring, if using) to the cornflour and stir to make your Oobleck. Experiment a little with this strange substqance - try dipping your finger in slowly, then quickly. Try stirring slowly, than quickly, and observe what happens. (If you find the Oobleck a bit too runny, add a spoonful of extra cornflour).

Half fill the ziplock bag with Oobleck, then place the egg inside. Close it up, then drop it from a small height. Open up the bag and inspect the egg. Did it crack? Can you explain your result?

Why is it so?

Oobleck is a Non-Newtonian fluid – its viscosity (or ‘runniness’) changes when a force is applied to it. (Tomato sauce and blood are examples of other Non-Newtonian fluids). When it hits the ground, the Oobleck instantly hardens, absorbing the force of the impact and protecting the egg.

This experiment can be extended by investigating the following questions:

What is the minimum amount of Oobleck needed to protect the egg?   or

What is the highest height the egg can be dropped from and still be protected by the Oobleck?