It is time for our first competition of 2019, and we have a massive dino-sized, dino-themed pack of prizes up for grabs - see below for how to enter and a list of all the goodies on offer!

How To Enter

1. Firstly, think of your favourite dinosaur. Is it the terrifying T-Rex, the armoured Stegosaurus, the speedy Velociraptor or Australia's own Muttaburrasaurus?
2. Next, create a drawing or painting or any other form of artwork of your dinosaur.
3. Now, think of the features (also called 'adaptations') that your dinosaur has that enable it to survive. These might be things that help it to catch and eat its prey, or perhaps defend itself from predators. Choose three features and label them on or next to your artwork.
4. Send your entry to us, by email (see below) or 'snail mail'. All entries must be with us by Friday, 19th April

Send us your entry by email or snail mail. 

Email entries to:

[email protected]

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