Candy Cane Chemistry

If you suck on a candy cane long enough, it will dissolve in your mouth. In this experiment you can observe the process up close, and also find out which liquid will dissolve a candy cane the fastest. It is easy to set up with household materials and substances (and a packet of candy canes), and a great opportunity for developing the science skills of hypothesising, observation, measurement, fair testing, comparison and analysis. It also a great way to use up your left over candy canes at Christmas!

You Need

  • 6 candy canes, any plastic wrapping removed
  • 6 clear glasses or jars
  • A stopwatch
  • bar magnet
  • 6 different liquids such as cold water, hot water, salty water, water with food colouring, vinegar, oil, juice, milk etc.

What To Do

  • Pour different liquids into each glass or jar, then label
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