Hatch a Dinosaur out of an Ice Egg!

This activity is perfect for keeping young dinosaur enthusiasts cool on a hot day.


You Need:

Some small dinosaur figurines (or other animals that hatch out of eggs, such as lizards or birds)

Some round balloons (not water balloons)


Some toy tools, or other safe objects for breaking or melting ice


What To Do:

Stretch a balloon carefully around the figurine, taking extra care not to puncture it with any spikes or claws. (Water balloons are too thin and can break at this point).

Place the opening of the balloon over the end of a tap. Turn the tap on gently and fill the balloon with enough water to surround the figurine.

Seal the balloon and place it gently in the freezer overnight.

When your ‘ice egg’ is completely frozen, use the scissors to remove the balloon.

Place the egg in a tray with appropriate tools,  and invite your young dino-enthusiast to (safely) hatch the dinosaur out!


Why Is It So?

Children will try hard to break the ice (make sure this is done safely). If they know that ice is frozen water, they may try to melt it. Encourage them think of ways they could melt the ice (a hair dryer can be quite effective). Breaking and melting ice are both examples of physical change. Unlike chemical change, physical change is a reversible process, where the original starting material (ice) can be recovered (by re-freezing the water). Our other dinosaur egg-hatching activity utilises a chemical change.