Balloon Fun

Stick a balloon to the wall and watch your hair stand on end.

Suitable for kids aged 4+

You Need:

  • Balloon
  • Piece of fabric (wool works best)

What to do:

  1. Blow-up and tie the balloon.
  2. Rub it about 20 times with the piece of fabric.
  3. Hold the balloon near the wall and watch it stick. You may need to rub the balloon again with the fabric if it doesnt work the first time.
  4. Rub the balloon about 20 times again with a piece of fabric.
  5. Hold the balloon near your hair and watch it stand on end.

Why is it so?

Just like in the plastic straw experiment, rubbing the balloon with the piece of fabric gives it an electrical charge. The electrical charge has the power to attract things. The wall is too heavy to move towards the balloon so the balloon moves towards it. Hair is much lighter and moves towards the balloon.