Balancing Act

Balancing Act Science Magic

Do the impossible balance a can on its bottom rim and amaze your friends

Suitable for kids aged 6+

You Need:
  • Two empty 375ml cans
  • 100mls of water approx
What to do:
  1. Pour about 100mls of water secretly into one can.
  2. Have someone try to balance the other empty can on its bottom rim (see picture). It is impossible.
  3. Then amaze them, by easily balancing your magic can on its bottom rim (they dont need to know it has water in it).

Why is it so?

This science trick is so simple, but so much fun. We use it in some of our science incursions and primary children of all ages are amazed by it, especially in the upper grade levels: I love hearing the astonished oohhhs and ahhhhs! It works because the water adds weight to the bottom of the can, changing its centre of gravity and allowing it to balance in impossible ways.