Potometer - Transpiration Experiment Apparatus

A potometer demonstrates and measures water uptake or transpiration in plants.

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A potometer provides a way of both demonstrating and measuring the process of transpiration in plants. Transpiration is the movement of water through a plant - up from the roots right through to the leaves, where it evaporates and is released into the atmosphere via the stomata - tiny pores on the underside of the leaves. As water leaves the plant, more water (if available) is drawn up by the roots. By filling the potometers tubing completely with water, and sealing one end with a leafy shoot cut from a healthy plant, the water loss (in mL) can be measured against the graduated scale.

Age: 12+

What You Get

One Edu-Lab potometer. 10cm graduated scale. Box Dimensions: 22cm by 20cm by 6cm


  • Transpiration
  • Factors affecting transpiration
More Information
Length (cm) 22
Width (cm) 20
Height (cm) 605
Age Group 11-12 Years, 12+ Years
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