This portable device demonstrates that magnetic fields extend in three dimensions.
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Energy Stick

Energy Stick
Completely safe to touch and handle, simply complete the circuit by touching both electrodes at the end of the stick simultaneously.

Explore the invisible world of magnetic fields and learn more about simple navigational tools with this portable magnetic pole finder.

Constructed with a small alnico bar magnet on a free moving gimbal frame, this sensitive device demonstrates that magnetic fields extend in three-dimensions, not only two as represented in many books. Place it near a magnet and watch it spring to attention, immediately reacting to the force of the magnetic field, which is strongest at the north and south poles.

Much less messy than working with iron fillings and easier and more accurate than traditional plotting with a 2D compass. This device makes it easy to find the direction of either pole in magnets, fields around wire and coils great for experiments on forces between magnetic poles, fields around wire, coils and electric currents.

Age: 10+

What You Get

Magnetic Pole Finder. Features a small alnico bar magnet on a handheld gimbal mount.  Magnet shown in image not included.


How Does it Work?

Magnetic Pole Finder operates under the same principles as a standard compass, but with higher accuracy and less technology. Constructed on a gimbal, or rotating frame, the alnico bar magnet of this device moves freely around when presented with another magnet. Due to the natural magnetic fields that exist and surround each magnet, the Pole Finder will subsequently rotate according to the pole location of the magnet in closest proximity. With each pole, north and south, marked by a corresponding color, this device also operates as a basic navigational tool under the force of the Earths magnetic field.



  • Magnetic Fields
  • Navigation


WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

More Information
Length (cm) 4
Width (cm) 2
Height (cm) 12
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