Low Voltage Circuit Tester 6 - 12 & 24 Volts

The 6 - 24 volt circuit tester checks the wiring systems in cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers, boats or
wherever you have a low voltage system.

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The 6 – 24 volt circuit tester is used to check the wiring of low-voltage circuits in car and truck electrical systems, motor field coils, radios, lamps and fuses etc.

The tool can check live 6 – 24 volt , AC or DC circuits.

The bulb in the handle glows when the circuit is complete (bulb included). It comes with a 70 cm lead with banana plug and alligator clip connectors.

Age: 12+

How does it work?

Insert the banana plug into the handle of the tester. Connect the alligator clip to the chassis or to any available ground.

To Find Live Wires: Probe the wire with the tip of the tester and if the wire is live the bulb in the handle will glow.

To Find Broken Wires: Probe along the wire until the tester fails to light. This will indicate the point at which it is broken.

To Test Fuses: Touch the tip of the tester to a terminal after the fuse. If the tester glows, the fuse is good.

To Test Light Sockets: (brake lights, back-up lights, dome lights etc) Touch the alligator clip to the shell of the socket and the probe to where the wire enters the base of the shell. If the bulb in the tester lights, the socket is working.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

More Information
Length (cm) 10
Width (cm) 3
Height (cm) 25
Age Group 12+ Years
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