Beaker, Glass, Low Form

With a spout for pouring and double scale graduations. Made of Borosilicate 3.3 glass.
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4D Human Exploded Skull

4D Human Exploded Skull
Learn the anatomy and bone structure of the human skull with this highly detailed anatomy model. It's a hyper-realistic anatomical puzzle featuring an exploded skull with a scale of 1:2.

These quality transparent glass beakers represent excellent value and are great for a variety of uses.

Made from high quality Borosilicate 3.3 Glass, which has very low coefficients of thermal expansion making them resistant to thermal shock experienced during rapid heating and cooling.

These beakers feature a convenient spout for pouring, and double scale graduations. Certified to ISO-3819 standards, which ensure quality in construction and measurement. Available in a range of sizes.


Size SKU Graduations Divisions Outside Diam. Height
5ml BK-LFG-BOR5 N/A N/A 18mm 29mm
10ml BK-LFG-BOR10 2 to 8ml (Single) 2ml 21mm 34mm
25ml BK-LFG-BOR25 10 to 20ml 5ml 34mm 50mm
50ml BK-LFG-BOR50 10 to 50ml 10ml 42mm 60mm
100ml BK-LFG-BOR100 20 to 80ml 10ml 50mm 70mm
150ml BK-LFG-BOR150 20 to 140ml 20ml 57mm 80mm
250ml BK-LFG-BOR250 25 to 200ml 25ml 70mm 95mm
400ml BK-LFG-BOR400 50 to 350ml 25ml 90mm 110mm
500ml BK-LFG-BOR500 50 to 400ml 50ml 86mm 120mm
600ml BK-LFG-BOR600 100 to 500ml 50ml 90mmn 126mm
800ml BK-LFG-BOR800 100 to 750ml 50ml 100mm 135mm
1000ml BK-LFG-BOR1000 100 to 900ml 50ml 105mm 145mm
2000ml BK-LFG-BOR2000 200 to 1800ml 100ml 130mm 190mm
3000ml BK-LFG-BOR3000 250 to 2500ml 250ml 150mm 210mm
5000ml BK-LFG-BOR5000 500 to 4500ml 500ml 170mm 270mm
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Material Glass
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