Leonardo da Vinci Trebuchet

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Create a trebuchet that will throw a soft clay ball (included) well over 6 meters!
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While Trebuchets were common siege engines in Medieval Times, Leonardo's take on the most powerful weapon of the wime was unique - his design used one main mast, different from all others before.

Based on his drawing from the Codex Atlanticus da Vinci's Trebuchet was a design likely made for the Duke of Milan in about 1482, to impress teh Duke of his skills as a military engineer. While it is not known if it was ever used in battle, you can bring Leonardo's Trebuchet to life with this working model!

A great kit for beginner to intermediate model makers, this kit will throw a soft clay ball (included) well over 6 meters! Great for STEM programs and a rainy day - but it can be enjoyed on sunny or cloudy says!

Easy to make in about an hour or two; kit contains pre-cut and ready to go pieces. Parts are made from natural untreeted wood and plywood and are pegged for extra stenghth. Finished trebuchet stands 62cm high and 32cm long

Teaches principles of mechanics, physics and historical technology. Lay siege to snacks on the coffee table, have slinging competitions outdoors, or take over a Lego fort! Hours of historic fun for everyone!

Age: 8+

What you get

Leonardo da Vinci's Trebuchet kit includes:

1 Mast
15 Dowels
2 Mast holders
4 Screw eyes
1 Sling
1 Arm Holder
2 Elastics
6 Base pieces
1 Sling ramp
1 Release gear
8 O-rings
1 Flag
1 Glue
5 Counterweight box
3 Swing arm
3 Ratchet stand
4 String pieces
1 Release arm
1 Sandpaper
1 Clay

About Trebuchets

Trebuchets were awesome medieval weapons used to lay siege to castles and capture towns. Making use of a lever powered by gravity, trebuchets were capable of hurling great rocks that smashed fortress walls!

This kit recreates a working trebuchet with accurate historic details such as pegged joints, a wooden counterweight box and launching pouch, providing hours of though-provoking fun!


  • Simple machines: levers
  • Force of gravity
  • Medieval Trebuchet

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

More Information
Length (cm) 39
Width (cm) 16
Height (cm) 6
Age Group 9-10 Years, 11-12 Years, 12+ Years
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