Hodson motor kit, set of 2

Assemble a motor and gain a complete understanding of its parts and how each works.
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Assemble a motor and gain a complete understanding of its part and how a motor works. These kits are ideal for use in the classroom.

Each individual kit (this set has 2 kits) contains all the parts needed to assemble one motor, packed into a strong transparent container with a screw cap. To assemble the motor, you need to wind the rotor, make the commutator, make the brushes and assemble the frame and magnets. All these steps are explained, and give a real understanding of how these motors are constructed and how they work.

One of the variations on the initial design is that you can wind different types of windings on the rotor. The options are: Single coil, double coil or four coils. This gives a further understanding of the principles of the electric motor and commutation. The motor can run either on DC or AC, but normally a D size dry cell or a power supply set to 2V.DC. is used.

When 1-1/2 volts is applied to the brushes, the motor runs very reliably and the power or torque can perform useful tasks. The finished motor can be picked up and carried around while it is running without any risk of it falling apart.

Age: 8 +

What You Get

Hodson Motor Kit - Set of 2

Each kit contains:

  • 1x Steel U shaped frame
  • 1x Rotor (two half rotors clicked together)
  • 1x Axle shaft
  • 2x Magnets
  • 2x End plates, plastic
  • 4x Rubber rings to hold commutator wire loops in place (including 2 spares)
  • 2x Reels of insulated wire (1x red and 1x black)
  • 1x Wire stripper (alligator clip)
  • 2x Elastic band to hold motor together (including 1 spare)
  • 1x Instruction card
  • 1x Storage container jar or bag, transparent plastic.

The set also comes with a 15 page A4 book of instructions, including alternate experiments you can perform with these kits, and a well-written section on all the theory explaining how and why these motors work.




  • Basic physics
  • Electricity
  • Magentism
  • Force
  • Movement


WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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