Gyroscope Rotating Platform

Allows students to stand and freely rotate as they explore the giant gyroscope wheel.
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This sturdy platform allows students to stand and freely rotate as they explore the giant gyroscope wheel.

The super-sized gyroscope wheel (modified bicycle wheel) is ideal for impressive physics demonstrations as it is large enough to hold the attention of a group and demonstrate the theories of forces, motion and momentum, yet light enough for even primary students to use!

The extra WOW! factor really comes from the rotatable platform as it allows the whole class or group to observe what the user is experiencing. It is so much fun to watch a human guinea big turn with the forces of a giant gyroscope!

Age: 4 +
What you get
1 x platform with diameter of 25cm and weight of 500 g. The platform is strongly made with ball bearings to permit the surface to easily turn when a heavy user is standing upon it.
How does it work?
This platform allows a person to stand and freely rotate when holding a fast spinning super-sized Gyroscope. As the person tries to change the position of the gyroscope's axis they'll experience a strange resistance as the gyroscope resists movement. When the Gyroscope wheel is spinning, the gyroscopic forces result in the user to rotate on the platform!
  • Forces and motion
  • Momentum
More Information
Length (cm) 26
Width (cm) 3
Height (cm) 26
Age Group 5-6 Years, 7-8 Years, 9-10 Years, 11-12 Years, 12+ Years
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