Friction On An Incline Plane

Made of wood with a pulley attached to the incline. Comes with three different boards.
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This simple device is a must-have for teaching a class about friction. It is ideal for demonstrating acceleration, work, potential energy, friction and the vector components of force. The unit is made of smooth wood with a metal pulley attached to the incline and a large protractor for accurately recording the angle of incline. Three different-sized boards with eye hooks are also included for study of how displacement, surface contact, and weight affect frictional forces. Instructions are provided.

Age: 12 + 

What You Get

One incline plane with metal pulley and weight, large protractor, three different sized boards with eye hooks, instructions.

Dimensions: 66cm by 19cm by 6.4cm



  • Acceleration
  • Friction
  • Potential energy
  • Work
  • Force vectors
More Information
Length (cm) 68
Width (cm) 21
Height (cm) 7
UPC 795721144026
Age Group 11-12 Years, 12+ Years
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