Electrostatic Friction Rod, Polyethylene

Create static electrical charge with this polyethylene rod! Moulded, material marked.
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Electrostatic rods are made from various insulation materials that can be rubbed with different cloths to create static electrical charges. The amount of charge produced depends on both the type of rod and type of cloth. These rods are moulded and have the name of the material marked permanently on one end of the rod, which is helpful because some rods look very similar.

This rod is made of Polyethylene (a type of plastic, also known as Polythene). Other rods available in glass, Acrylic and Ebonite (Vulcanised Rubber). 

What You Get

1 x Polythene Electrostatic Rod, measuring 300mm x 12mm


  • Static Electricity
More Information
Length (cm) 30
Width (cm) 1
Height (cm) 30
Age Group 12+ Years
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