Borax 500g - Sodium Borate - di-Sodium Tetraborate Dechydrate powder

A well-known cleaning agent that can also be used in the making of slime.
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Borax (Sodium Borate) is a white, odourless solid is crystal or powder form.

It is used as a cleaning agent and is also used in the manufacture of many products including: heat-resistant glass, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, insectidicides and antiseptics, but to many people, its most useful property is that it is a key ingredient in making slime!

What You Get

500g of Sodium Borate, di-Sodium Tetraborate Dechydrate powder (99.5% purity) also known as Borax in a sealed plastic container. 

WARNING: Do not swallow or ingest. Avoid skin and eye contact. Avoided generating and inhaling mist. Use in a ventilated area. If swallowed, rinse mouth thoroughly with water, give plenty of water to drink, DO NOT induce vomiting, and seek medical adivce. If skin contact occurs, wash with copious amounts of water, removed clothing and wash before re-use. If irritation continues, seek medical advice. If inhaled, remove victim to fresh air and seek medical attention.

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Length (cm) 9
Width (cm) 10
Height (cm) 18
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