A4 Sheet Magnifying Glass - Fresnel Lens

A large, A4 sized plastic fresnel lens.

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A4 Full Page Large Sheet Magnifier Magnifying Glass Reading Aid Lens Fresnel New Feature: Magnifying Power: 3X Size: 30x19.5cm Material: PVC Lens + PU Leather border 100% New and high quality Color: As shown Package : 1 x Magnifier

This big magnifier is perfect to enlarge (3 x) the image of text and graphics.

It is a lightweight and durable lens. Made of PVC, the thin yet sturdy Fresnel Lens Magnifier is ideal for those situations when the enlargement of an image is required.

Named after its inventor Augustin-Jean Fresnel, the magnifier was originally used in the construction of lighthouses due to its thin and lightweight design. It has been called “the invention that saved a million ships”.

Fresnel Lens is now an important part of the automotive, medical, electrical, aeronautical, entertainment, photography, and medical fields. It also great in the classroom to teach about lenses and optics due to its large size. 

Age: 5 +

What You Get

A4 sized PVC Fresnel lens magnifier with 3 X magnification.

How Does It Work

The Fresnel lens is a compact lens made of a series of concentric rings of simple lenses. Each ring focuses light towards the centre of the rings. The result means the Fresnel lens can be made much thinner than comparable lenses but the design does reduce the focus or clarity of the image projected through it.

It was originally developed by French scientist Augustin-Jean Fresnel who studied light and optics in the 1800s.  Whilst image quality is reduced, light is refracted (bent) to concentrate the light into a relatively narrow beam. For this reason, the Fresnel lens was often used in the construction of lighthouses.

To achieve the same level of magnification a conventional convex glass lens would need to be much thicker and heavier.


  • Concave & Concave
  • Light Manipulation
  • Reflection & Refraction


More Information
Length (cm) 31
Width (cm) 19
Height (cm) 1
Age Group 3-4 Years, 5-6 Years, 7-8 Years, 9-10 Years, 11-12 Years, 12+ Years
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