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Airzooka - Air Cannon

Airzooka - Air Cannon
The amazing Airzooka will blow you away! Blast a harmless vortex of air up to 6 meters towards any object or person.

Create your own youtube science channel and record videos of the most viral science experiments to share with your friends. With this kit, you can make a lava lamp, a mini rocket, a fireproof balloon, and much more. 

Contents: 36 page educational book, rocket decorative elements, Youtuber scienctist's suitcase, large measuring cup, small measuring cup, sodium bicarbonate, rockte cup with lid, protective goggles, identification card, Pasteur pipets, volcano mold, clapperboard, gloves, candle, balloons, wooden spatula, plastic spatula, red colouring, blue colouring, zip-lock bags, citric acid, tripod, funnel, straw, ball

Age: 8+

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