Mad Millie Speciality Cheese Kit

Make up to 7kg (15lbs) of specialty cheeses. For cheese makers with some experience.
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If you love cheese, you'll love this kit! It's aimed at home cheese makers with a splash of flair and experience.

It contains all the equipment and ingredients to make scrumptious Camembert, Blue Vien, Blue Stilton Style Cheese, Double Cream Brie and French Neufchatel.

Each speciality cheese takes approximately 1 day to create, and is aged for between 4 weeks and 3 months depending on the cheese.

So cheese makers around the country roll-up your sleeves and make up to 7kg (15lbs) of delicious specialty cheeses. For best results, use this kit with the Mad Millie Cheesemaker Incubator and Vat Set.Make your own:
  • Camembert
  • Blue Vien
  • Blue Stilton Style Cheese
  • Double Cream Brie
  • French Neufchatel

  • Age: 12 +
What you get
Mad Millie Speciality Cheese Kit, including: Cheese cloth, Cheese Moulds (2), Silver and White Cheese Wrap 240mm x 240 mm (20 Sheets), Artisan's Cheese Salt, Steriliser, Pencillium Camemberti Culture (3), Pencillium Roqueforti Culture (3), Aromatic Mesophilic Culture (6), Vegetarian Rennet Tablets (10), Maturing Box, Thermometer, Calcium Chloride, Pipette, Kit Instructions and Recipe Booklet.
More About The Cultures
You may notice that this kit contains Aromatic Mesophilic Culture. This is the new name for Mad Millie's Flora Danica Culture.

Shelf life of the cultures is 24 months when stored in the freezer. This culture lasts out of the freezer (at room temperature) for 2 months so will be fine during postage. However, we suggest storing cultures in the freezer as soon as you get them in order to prolong life.

NOTE: Humidity and temperature is essential when maturing specialty cheeses. To mature these cheeses you will need to store your cheese in a Mad Millie Maturing Box in a cool place that is approx. 10-15 degrees Celsius (e.g a basement or garage, a wine fridge with temperature control or just a spare fridge that you can increase the temperature in or turn off).
About Mad Millie
We're excited to stock a range of Mad Millie's innovative cheese making kits, and have loved using some of them ourselves!

Mad Millie is a New Zealand company passionate about slow food - made from scratch, by hand. Their DIY cheese kits allow full control of what goes into the delicious end-product and gives more practiced home cheesemakers room for experimentation. It really is fun and creative cheese making!

Mad Millie ensures the process is easy as well as tasty. The kits come complete with everything you need to start making your own cheeses, and support is only a phone call away. You'll be brimming with pride, and sharing your yummy cheese with friends and family before you know it!

Contact Mad Millie for immediate cheese making support on 1800 281 231 (free call).

Connect with the Mad Millie online community, and share advice with other home cheese makers:
More About Cheese Making
Making cheese is an ancient craft that dates back to pre-industrial times when animals were first domesticated.

All cheeses are made from souring milk through either the addition of an acid (i.e. vinegar, or lemon juice), or more commonly, the addition of certain bacterial cultures.

The result of souring causes the milk to separate into a solid (curd) and liquid (whey). Most cheese is then made from the curds. These can be cooked, pressed, moulded, salted and matured in different ways to create different cheeses.

Here's a link to FAQ about the cheese making process, and answers.

Download your own free cheese making booklet.
  • The art and science of cheese making

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.
More Information
Length (cm) 23
Width (cm) 33
Height (cm) 29
Age Group 12+ Years
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