Alnico Magnet Kit

A kit for exploring the strength of different magnets and viewing magnetic fields.
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What are 'Alnico' magnets? They are magnets made from ALuminium, NIckel and CObalt. This kit is great for comparing the strengths of magnets with different shapes and different sizes, and also for viewing the magnetic field around a magnet.

Age: 8+ 

What You Get

One large and one small horshoe magnet, one bar magnet, one tube of small steel shapes, one tube of iron filings.

Dimensions: large horseshoe magnet 5cm long, small horseshoe magnet 2.5cm long, bar magnet 5cm long.

How it Works

To compare magnet strength, count or measure how many steel shapes the bar magnet can pick up, then each of the horshoe magnets. The magnetic field is the area around a magnet where a force can be felt. To view the magnetic field around a magnet, place the magnet under a sheet of paper or a sheet of thin, clear plastic. Sprinkle the iron filings onto the paper or plastic over and around the magnet. Note the shape or pattern the filings make, and the parts of the magnet they are more attracted to.


  • Magnetic force
  • Magnet fields
  • Magnetic field of the Earth
  • Comparing magnet strengths

CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts not suitable for children under 3 years. Should a child or any person ingest magnets, seek medical help immediately.

RISK OF DATA LOSS - Permanent magnetic fields may corrupt, degauss or destroy data stored in a magnetic state. This includes floppy disks, hard drives and credit cards.

More Information
Length (cm) 11
Width (cm) 19
Height (cm) 3
UPC 094051310096
Age Group 7-8 Years, 9-10 Years
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