VEX Robotics Pick & Drop

Over 400 pieces to build a pick and drop ball machine, ray gun and space craft!
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Storm Glass Necklace
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Experience the art of engineering through the mesmerizing kinetic motion of the new VEX® Robotics Pick & Drop Ball Machine.

Spin the crank to transfer energy through the arm linkages, activating 3 sophisticated grabber hands that reach down and grab a ball.

Keep the crank spinning to hoist the ball to the top of the machine where the grabber arms will automatically release and drop the balls onto the return ramp. Watch in fascination as the gears turn, axles twist and the balls roll down the ramp- It's a delicate balance of forces, energy transformation and the amazing way simple machines improve our everyday lives.

Age: 8+

What You Get

This kit includes over 400 VEX® robotic pieces are included in this kit to construct three amazing designs; pick and drop ball machine, ray gun and space craft. These VEX® robotic pieces snap easily together, making assembly a breeze.

VEX Ball and Drop machine pieces are compatible with all VEX® robotic kits and include a range of simple machines from cogs, wheels, levers, inclined planes to screws. Collect and connect all of the VEX® Robotics Ball Machines, or give your VEX® Robotics Ball Machine a powerful boost with the VEX® Robotics Motor Kit (sold separately).

How It Works

The pick and drop ball machine works by turning the kinetic handle. The handle causes a sequence of gears, levers, ramps and axels to work together to set this Ball Machine into motion. 

The machines movement is all possibe due to the stored energy in your muscles. By turning the handle you are transforming your stored chemical energy into kinetic energy (moving energy). This energy travels through the a gears and causes the three sophisticated arms to grab and pull up the balls, which are then dropped from a height onto an inclined plane (also known as a ramp!). Forces such as gravity pull the ball down the steep inclined plane. It's a mesmorising symphony of energy transfomration, forces and simple machines!


  • STEM
  • Simple Machines
  • Forces
  • Energy Transformation
  • Construction

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years. Do not swallow or ingest. Wash hands before and after use, then place back in storage container. Avoid contact with fabrics, clothing, furniture, carpet or hair. If contact occurs, ater soluble eucalyptus oil may help to remove it (patch test first).

More Information
Length (cm) 33
Width (cm) 25
Height (cm) 7
Age Group 7-8 Years, 9-10 Years, 11-12 Years, 12+ Years
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