Utterly Amazing Science

Pop, pull, flip, and spin your way through forces, light, magnetism, and more!
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Storm Glass Necklace

Storm Glass Necklace
The liquid inside this striking pendant undergoes interesting and unusual crystal growth in response to changing weather conditions.

It's SCIENCE but not as you know it. POP, PULL, flip, and SPIN your way through forces, light, magnetism, molecules, and more!

Peer into an ATOM, lift the lid on a volcano, and spin an engine to see how it works. Find out how to make an egg parachute, a BOTTLE VOLCANO, and a balloon hovercraft.


Robert Winston


Utterly Amazing Science. Packed with pop-ups, flaps, and incredible facts.


Hardback, 32 pages


2014 by Darling Kindersley Limited

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Length (cm) 29
Width (cm) 22
Height (cm) 4
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