Understanding The Periodic Table Analogy Kit

A puzzle that gives students a hands-on head start understanding the periodic table.
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Have your students build their own Periodic Table in this fun game!

The Periodic Table Game Puzzle effectively reinforces the difficult conceptual information necessary for a thorough understanding of the Periodic Table.

The game includes enough material for 4 students or small groups to work simultaneously. Get the class excited about the elements with this exciting game!

The Periodic Table Analogy Kit teaches students three concepts related to the periodic chart:

  1. The student learns the processes used in developing a taxonomy or classification system.
  2. The student learns that for any set of objects, elements, organisms, etc, tmore than one system of classification is possible and perhaps useful.
  3. The student learns the usefulness of a classification system as a dynamic tool and a source of model building information and prediction.

Age: 9 +

  • What You Get
  • Understanding Periodic Table Game Puzzle.
  • Game board. 
  • Complete instructions and guides
  • Reproducable Student Worksheets


  • Periodic Table
  • Elements
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Length (cm) 38
Width (cm) 30
Height (cm) 4
UPC 795721105850
Age Group 9-10 Years, 11-12 Years, 12+ Years
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