Singing Rods, set of 2

Coat your fingertips with the included rosin, rub the rods and make them sing!
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You'll be singing in the rain and in the sun with this set of two Singing Rods. A must for explorations of sound and waves, these rods are an easy way to explore longitudinal waves as opposed to transverse waves.

They're also ideal for learning about nodes and anti-nodes in standing waves. There are even two different lengths (approx length: 500mm and 750mm) so you can investigate another variable in the science of sound.

To hear the rods sing, just lightly coat your fingertips with the included rosin, and rub up and down the length of the rod from the central node point. A set of instructions is also included with this pair of fascinating aluminium rods.

Age: 11+at launch.
What You Get
Singing Rods (set of 2). Model number 3637-00. Includes two aluminium singing rods (50cm and 75cm), a bag of crushed rosin and a Teachers' Guide.

How Does it Work?
To make the rod sing, find the central node point by balancing the rod on your hand to find the centre of garvity (the balance point). Coat the fingers of your other hand in rosin and rub rosin around the rod up to the node point.

Once the rod is coated, hold it steady by resting the end on your foot. Rub your rosin-coated hand up and down the road and hear it sing!

By rubbing the rod with sticky fingers, you are creating vibrations that lead to longitudinal waves that travel up and down the rod. These vibrations are transferred to the surrounding air particles, and are then interpreted as sound by our ears!

Rub the rod faster to create harmonics - higher-pitched vibrations.
  • Sound
  • Transverse & Longitudinal Waves
  • Nodes & Anti-nodes

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.
More Information
Length (cm) 79
Width (cm) 3
Height (cm) 3
Age Group 11-12 Years, 12+ Years
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