Mova Globe - 4.5" Blue Ocean Political Map

This desk globe with political map rotates on its own. No batteries or wires required.

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What better model for a world globe than the earth itself? Just like the earth, your MOVA globe, rotates silently on its own, without any help from you. No batteries or wires required.

This spinning desk globe is traditional in style, underpinned by advanced technology. It has vibrant blue oceans, and the political map depicts countries in bright colors for easy visibility, and labels stand out in crisp black.

This fascinating globe floats at a perfect point of balance between buoyant and gravitational forces, and slowly turns as it feels the force of the Earth's magnetic field and the energy carried in light. It has a similar working mechanism to a compass - an extremely sophisticated one at that!

Its perpetual, quiet motion brings a tranquil point of focus to a room.

It is a truly beautiful globe that's intriguing to see in action! And makes a wonderful, educational ornament for the office, home or classroom.

Age: 12 + with adult supervision (this is not a toy)
What You Get
Mova Globe - 4.5" Blue Ocean Political Map. Globe measures 4.5 inches in diameter (11.43 cm). It includes a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty for Material Defects and Craftsmanship.
How Does It Work?
The inner globe floats in an almost friction free environment, much like earth itself. This globe has the same average density as the fluid it floats in, so there is no force or contact between the inner globe at the north and south poles and the inside surface of the outer shell.

The rotation of the globe creates forces in the fluid that center the inner ball and prevent contact at the equator, so the inner globe is not actually touching the outer shell.

At these low speeds the fluid friction is very low. The energy to overcome the fluid friction is provided by room light that passes through the graphic design and is incident on very specialized solar cells within the globe. An electric current provided by the cells powers a drive mechanism designed to move at a very low speed and power.

The graphic on the inner globe is about 1/4 inch below the outer surface of the outer shell, but the optical qualities of the fluid and the outer shell magnify the inner globe and cause its surface to appear to be on the outside surface of the outer shell.

All-in-all, an inspiring and intriguing globe with a high quality design, built to last.
  • The Earth's magnetic field
  • Workings of a compass
  • The Earth's rotation
  • Solar energy

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.
More Information
Length (cm) 16
Width (cm) 16
Height (cm) 21
Age Group 12+ Years
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