This book reveals the mystery, mythology and science about our companion in space.
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The Moon has always held a special place in our imagination. It is the largest and most changeable body in the night sky and has played a key role in religion, legend, the arts and science. 'Moon' celebrates the story of how we came to understand and appreciate our neighbour's true nature.

The first section of this beautiful and evocative book covers the many meanings and mysteries associated with the Moon: a deity to worship, a repository for fantastical creatures, a luck charm, and a bringer of madness. It traces how mathematics and astronomy proved that the moon is a satellite in a system subject to natural laws, and how telescopes revealed its face in detail.

The second section details the race to the Moon and the third section, Mission Accomplished, shows in stunning photographic detail how the Apollo program made the ancient dream of reaching the Moon a reality. The final section provides essential Moon facts, including maps.

Packed with stunning photographs, artifacts and works of art, this book reveals the mystery, mythology and science surrounding our companion in space.

Scott L. Montgomery
Moon: A tribute to Earth's nearest neighbour
Hardback , 256 pages
2008, by The Five Mile Press Pty Ltd
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Length (cm) 26
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