Magnetic Sphere Kit, Set of 15

Create a mini magnetic field using a magnetic sphere and iron filings. Set of 15.
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Become the master of magnetism with the Magnetic Sphere Kit.

Using a sphere with an embedded alnico magnet, students will be able to create a mini-magnetic field, manipulating iron filings around its orb. This will help students understand more about the Earth's magnetic core. The iron filings included in this kit will also help students locate magnetic poles and observe the effects of a magnetic field.

This kit comes with a set of 15 magnetic spheres and iron filings, making it perfect for group class projects.

Age: 9 +

What You Get

Magnetic Sphere Kit. Set of 15 iron filings and magnetic spheres. Teacher's Guide.


  • Magnetism
  • Convection Currents
  • North and South Poles
  • Magnetic Fields
More Information
Length (cm) 16
Width (cm) 16
Height (cm) 17
UPC 795721103337
Age Group 9-10 Years, 11-12 Years, 12+ Years
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