Inorganic/Organic Molecular Model Kit with Orbitals (Advanced set)

Build a variety of simple and complex organic and inorganic molecules. Comes with 307 atom pieces, bonds and orbitals

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Water Powered Jet Car
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An organic/inorganic molecular model building kit. Build a variety of simple and complex molecules like water, carbon dioxide, sulphuric acid, butane, benzene, and methanol structures.

This student kit contains 307 colour-coded atom pieces, bonds and orbital pieces that connect the various atoms. Bring abstract concepts to life and understand 3D atomic structures by holding and manipulating them in your hand. Colour key included.

Molecule Size (mm) Holes Color Qty
Hydrogen 17 1 white 45
Carbon 23 4 black 30
Carbon 23 2 black 2
Carbon 23 3 black 6
Carbon 23 5 black 8
Oxygen 23 2 red 14
Nitrogen 23 4 blue 4
Sulfur 23 2 yellow 1
Sulfur 23 4 yellow 1
Chlorine 17 1 green 8
Metal 23 6 silver 2
Metal 23 2 silver 1
Phosphorus 23 4 purple 4
Long Links 43mm   grey 30
Medium Links 27mm   white 60
Short Link 11mm   translucent 60
P Orbitals 38   purple 6
P Orbitals 38   pink 6
P Orbitals 38   beige 6
Pi Orbitals 30   purple 6
Pi Orbitals 30   pink 6


More Information
Length (cm) 23
Width (cm) 7
Height (cm) 17
Age Group 12+ Years
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