Hoberman Transforming Mega Monster Sphere

Its HUGE! This Mega Monster Hoberman opens to 140 centimeters in diameter.
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Its huge, really huge! The Mega Monster Hoberman opens to 140 centimeters in diameter (thats taller than your average prep!). It combines mathematics, geometry and science into a magical motion of surprising simplicity and fun. Science educators, WOW your audience with this one!

When the show is over, six latches safely lock it in the open position to create the perfect playhouse for indoors or outdoors. Roll it around, climb inside its great for the yard, the beach or a birthday party. It collapses small for easy storage.

Age: 6 +

What you get

Hoberman Transforming Mega Monster Sphere, boxed. It expands from 45cm to 140cm in one magical motion. Activity and Game Sheet included.

How does it work?

This invention is a mechanical structure made of slightly curved links joined by pivots into scissor-pairs. These basic components are connected by hubs into larger units. The opening and closing of the scissor-pairs results in the folding and unfolding, expanding and contracting motion of the Sphere. Like the original Hoberman Sphere, the Mega Sphere is an example of an icosadodechedron. It consists or 20 triangles (icosa means twenty) and 12 pentagons (dodeca means 12). Along with pentagons and triangles, the Mega Sphere is also made up of six circles that intersect each other. The giant size of the Mega Sphere enables a whole new dimension of creative play.


  • Simple machines levers and pivots.
  • Geometry and shapes
More Information
Length (cm) 44
Width (cm) 45
Height (cm) 45
Age Group 3-4 Years, 5-6 Years, 7-8 Years, 9-10 Years
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