Middle Primary School

Key Concepts: Geometric Shapes in man made structures or nature.

Artists have been taking inspiration from their surroundings for centuries and using geometric shapes to represent it. Man made and natural structures also provide excellent examples of geometric shapes.

Urban Landscape       Bee Hive   Planet Earth
An urban landscape                               A bee hive                             Planet Earth

Materials: Tangrams, Scissors, Pencils, Glue, Card Board, Pictures.

TANGRAMS (Can be themed)

  • Investigate the names of each of the shapes. Can you find examples of them in the library?
  • Use all of the Tangram pieces to create each of the designs.
  • Can you create a square using all of the pieces?
  • Design your own Tangram artwork. 

For younger kids, lines in the picture to show where the shapes go will help them with the task.