Mad About Science Competitions

In line with our mission - to inspire kids in science - we run regular competitions with awesome prizes on offer.  Our new compeitions are released first via our weekly newsletter, so don't forget to subscribe. 

The compeitions below are listed with the most recent first. Get entering!
Competition Closing Date Description
Make Some Sound Friday August 10, 2018 Send us a short video of you playing a musical instrument and tell us a little bit about how it makes sound
Mums & Science CLOSED Just tell us a scientific fact about your mum. It might be the science behind a physical feature or condition of hers, or it might be something scientific your mum has done
Super Spiders CLOSED Tell us about your favourite spider fact and why you find it so interesting.
Wonderful Water CLOSED Answer a simple question about the water on planet earth.
Mystery Image CLOSED Identify the mystery microscopic image.
Alien Life CLOSED Send us your best answer to the following question...
Imagine that you are launching a rocket that is going to look for alien life. What five items would you put inside the rocket to give the aliens an idea of what life is like on Earth? Give a reason for each of your 5 items.