Alien Life Competition

Alien Life Competition: 

For your chance to win a stellar prize pack from Mad About Science, including a 30mm Explore Telescope, a pack of Glowing Twinkle Stars and a tub of Glitter Galaxy Putty, send us your best answer to the following question...

"Imagine that you are launching a rocket that is going to look for alien life. What five items would you put inside the rocket to give the aliens an idea of what life is like on Earth? Give a reason for each of your 5 items."

Price Pack - Alien Life Competition

How To Win

Simply send us your completed entry with your nameageemail and postal address before the competition end date, and you will be in with a chance to win!

What we judge to be the best entries will win the competition prize. 

The Winner

Congratulations to 8 year old Tommy Milcz from Clontaff, NSW, for winning our Alien Life competition.  Tommy chose to send the very basic elements of life – water, air, earth, a plant… and an iPhone loaded with pictures of Earth and a selction of music.


For your chance to win, simply send us your entry with your name, age, email and postal address. Don't forget to ask your parent's permission. Enter our Science Competitions Now
Or send entries via snail mail to:
Mad About Science Competitions,
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Competition Dates

Entries must be received by 8pm, Friday March 9. 2018.

The winner will be notified by email by Friday March 16, 2018, and published on this competition page.

Terms and Conditions of Entry

1. By entering this competition you agree to the terms and conditions listed here. 2. All entries must include name, email, postal address and age of entrant. 3. Entries are judged on merit alone and not by chance. 4. All entries will become the property of Mad About Science and will not be returned. 5. Entering the competition assigns copyright to Mad About Science. 6. Age will be taken into consideration when judging. 7. All decisions on winners are final. 8. Winners will be notified by post or email, and will be published on this Mad About Science competition page. 9. Mad About Science will not be liable for any damage or loss suffered in connection with any of the prizes. 10. Any change in the value of the prize between the publishing date and the delivery date is not the responsibility of Mad About Science. 11. In the case the prizes become unavailable after the publishing date, Mad About Science will send an alternative prize. 12. The closing date for compeitions are listed in the competition description. 13. Competition entries must be the entrant's own work. 14. It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure copyright of their entry is not assigned elswhere. 15. Winners should allow four weeks for prize delivery. 16. Your personal details will not be shared with anyone. 17. Entry is restricted to Australian residents only.