Atmosphere In Crisis Kit

Air pollution demonstrations. Includes all apparatuses, chemicals and ten 35mm slides.
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Storm Glass Necklace

Storm Glass Necklace
The liquid inside this striking pendant undergoes interesting and unusual crystal growth in response to changing weather conditions.

Experiment with the world of air, atmosphere, and pollutants! This kit presents information relating to the characteristics of the air, the atmosphere, and how pollutants affect each of these.

It demonstrates the principles of absorption and the effects of air pollution on such common things as plants and metals. Air pollutants are created and treated, thus enabling the students to see and understand the causes and effects of air pollution and the necessity and means of control.

Classroom activities include: temperature inversion, the creation of two air pollutants, treatment of air pollutants, and the effects of air pollution.

Age: 9 +

What You Get

Atmosphere in Crisis Kit. Includes all apparatuses, chemicals, ten 35mm slides, seven overhead transparency masters, and Teacher's Manual. Includes MSDS.


  • Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Climatology
  • Pollution
  • Aerodynamics
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Length (cm) 97
Width (cm) 30
Height (cm) 13
UPC 795721138704
Age Group 9-10 Years, 11-12 Years, 12+ Years
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