Arduino Starter Kit

This kit teaches the basics of programming with open source Ardunio in a hands-on way.
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Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. Arduino boards are able to read inputs - light on a sensor, a finger on a button, or a Twitter message - and turn it into an output - activating a motor, turning on an LED, publishing something online.

This kit walks you through the basics of programming with open source Ardunio in a hands-on way. Create devices that interact with their physical environment using the included programmable circuit board (or microcontoller) and a wide selection selection of electronic components.

There are 15 projects set out in the included Ardunio Projects book in order of complexity - from very basic to advanced. Once you have a solid foundation in Ardunio with the help of this kit, you can invent something wonderful and make someone smile.

To encourage experimentation and creativity, there are more electronic components included in this kit than is required for the projects listed. There is no end to what you can create. Build it, hack it and share it. Because arduino is you!

Age: 12+

What You Get

Arduino Starter Kit by Arduino. Model number K000007. Contains a micro controller circuit board, over 100 electronic pieces to build 15 projects, and more when create your own. Includes Ardunio project book.

Parts Included:

  • Arduino Projects Book (170 pages)
  • Arduino UNO board rev.3
  • USB cable
  • Breadboard
  • Easy-to-assemble wooden base
  • 9V battery snap
  • 70 x Solid core jumper wires
  • 2 x Stranded jumper wires
  • 6 x Photoresistor
  • 3 x Potentiometer 10kilohm
  • 10 x Pushbuttons
  • Temperatursensor
  • Tilt sensor
  • LCD alphanumeric (16x2 characters)
  • LED (bright white)
  • LED (RGB)
  • 8 x LEDs (red)
  • 8 x LEDs (green)
  • 8 x LEDs (yellow)
  • 3 x LEDs (blue)
  • Small DC motor 6/9V
  • Small servo motor
  • Piezo capsule
  • H-bridge motor driver
  • 2 x Optocouplers
  • 5 x Transistor
  • 2 x Mosfet transistors
  • 5 x Capacitors 100nF
  • 3 x Capacitors 100uF
  • 5 x 100pF capacitor
  • 5 x Diodes
  • 3 x Trasparent gels (red, green, blue)
  • Male pins strip (40x1)
  • 20 x Resistors 220 ohm
  • 5 x Resistors 560 ohm
  • 5 x Resistors 1 kilohm
  • 5 x Resistors 4.7 kilohm
  • 10 x Resistors 10 kilohm
  • 5 x Resistors 1 megohm
  • 5 x Resistors 10 megohm
Projects Included:
  • Spaceship Interface
  • Love-O-Meter
  • Colour Mixing Lamp
  • Keyboard Instrument
  • And many more fascinating projects


  • Circuitry and electronics
  • Ardunio and programming microcontrollers
  • Ohms and Kirchhoffs Laws

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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Length (cm) 24
Width (cm) 17
Height (cm) 5
Age Group 12+ Years
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