Wind Winder - Energy Workshop

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Have a foam ball disco, and explore air pressure and how gears work with this mighty Wind Winder. Just crank the handle that's attached to a wind turbine inside the plastic canister to generate lots of wind energy and get the balls firing. At the same time you'll be creating electrical energy that can be seen when the LED lights up. A great classroom demonstration of a dynamo and wind energy in action.

Age: 8+
What You Get
Wind Winder by Eino-O Science, featuring mechanical gears, a wind turbine and LED light indicator.

  • Wind barrier
  • Wind tunnel with extension top
  • Wind turbine with centre cap
  • Handle
  • Rotating arm
  • Generator base casing
  • Foam balls
  • Wind outlet partition
  • 4 x gears
  • 2 x friction stickers
  • Screw driver
  • 10 x long screws
  • 4 x short screws
  • Screw cap
How does it work
Follow the clear instructions to easily assemble the Wind Winder. Everything you need for assembly is included. When you turn the rotating arm, the foam balls float in the wind barrier and the LED lights up. So how does this all happen?

The gears rotate as the handle turns, creating a force strong enough to turn the wind turbine. The resulting fast moving air escapes from the wind funnel causing the light foam balls to float within the wind barrier. They don't fly out the top because the slow moving air near the opening has a higher pressure and pushes the foam balls down.

When the gears are set in motion, the small gears connected to a motor are also turned. The motor contains coils of wire and magnets, and when they move relative to each other electricity is generated. This is an example of a dynamo - an electrical generator that converts mechanical rotation into electricity. Once generated, the electrical energy is passed along wires to the LED which lights up.
  • Air pressure and wind turbines
  • Cog wheels and gears
  • Electromagnetic force
  • Dynamo
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.
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