Engage students in weather units with these fun toys and kits. Teach about weather-related air and water movements, as well as about natural disasters like: tornadoes, tsunamis and volcano eruptions.

Analog Weather Station
Indoor analog weather station with attractive blue face and...
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Aneroid Barometer
Classic aneroid barometer that can be wall hung or mounted...
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Dew Making Classroom Kit
This unique classroom experiment kit allows experimentation...
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Digital Weather Station
Measure wind speed, temperature, wind direction, relative...
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EIN-O Environmental Science
Talk about a MEGA kit! Hang on to your hat, you're about to...
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EIN-O Practical Science Weather
Wind, Sun and Rain. Learn all about the earth's complex...
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EIN-O Rain Detector Box Kit - Electronic Devices
Build your own electric rain predicting device, and learn...
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EIN-O Weather Science Smart Box
Jam-packed with experiments related to weather. Our weather...
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Extreme Weather (Insiders)
Extreme Weather is packed with high-quality images and...
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