Sunprint Kit

Price: $12.95

Create amazing white on blue prints using the power of the sun. Just place leaves, flowers, feathers or whatever you like on the photo-sensitive paper and place it in the sun. Remove the objects after a couple of minutes and rinse the paper to "fix" it. Everyone will love your beautiful piece sun art that is yours to keep.

Age: 6 +
What You Get
Twelve sheets of Sunprint paper (10 x 10cm), and one acrylic sheet (10 x 10cm).
How does it work?
The Sunprint paper is treated with light-sensitive chemicals which react to light waves when exposed to sunlight. When objects are placed on the paper, they block the light in these areas and turn white while the paper around them remains blue. Water is used to "fix" the image so it is a permanent piece of sun art. The prints created using this kit have a photographic type-quality. Try experimenting with bulkier items and watch your image emerge. Even black and white film negatives will work.
  • Nature of sunlight and how light-sensitive chemicals work.
  • How colour photos are developed (each layer of chemicals on the film react to different photons of different colour).
  • Experiment by testing sunscreen with different SPFs, smear them on the paper, which one blocks the most sunlight?
  • Experiment by using our UV Torch on the paper.
Expose the paper to the sun for about 1-5 minutes depending on strength of the sunlight. Do not overexpose.
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