Create waves with these cool sound toys and science gadgets.

Animated Projector Music Box
Re-live the golden years of cinema with this music box that...
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Bird Bath Whistle
A cute bird with a sweet song. It's easy to use your lovely...
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Dancing Liquid LED Speakers
Explore the science of sound waves through light and liquid...
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DigiBirds with Cage
We tweet! We sing! We move! Now you can experience the...
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Eighty Decibel Balloons
Attach your balloon to the wide edge of the noise maker and...
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EIN-O Basic Box Kit - Sound
Can you feel the exciting vibrations? They must be coming...
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EZEDOO Electronic Didgeridoo
With the Ezedoo electronic didgeridoo anyone can play! Play...
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Geek & Co Science -.Geeker Speaker Lab
Make sound waves visible with this awesome device called a...
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Geek & Co Science: Musical UFO
Build an electronic musical device that works like a simple...
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